'Rythu Kosam' Telugudesam meeting at Guntur 30.12.10

Thursday, 30 December 2010 07:00

Hyderabad: The 'Rythu kosam' mega-meeting will be held by the TDP at Guntur today. National leaders are expected to attend this meeting, and hundreds of TDP leaders and members have already assembled at the venue.

Preparations have been made at a large scale, with a huge banner forming the backdrop for the stage. TDP flags are flying high at the venue,and media coverage and security have also been arranged.

Speaking to media persons TDP leader from Cuddapah said, "During the 9 years of TDP's rule, though there were droughts, farmers were happy and celebrated festival. Now, during Congress' reign, though there is ample rainfall, the farmers have not been benefitted. Their situation is so bad that they are unable to eat a few morsels of rice even during festivals."

The leader expressed confidence that the people of AP have realised that Chandrababu Naidu is their true leader, and that the TDP will win the next elections. "The farmers' relief packages have reached only those villages in which Congress MLAs reside, and no other villages have got relief. This clearly shows how much the Congress cares about AP's farmers," he said.

"The Congress' negligent attitute towards farmers will be highlighted durng the meet. The farmers now repent that they voted for a government that does not care about them. Naidu is the only leader who truly cares about the farmers, and is working for them. I am sure TDP will win the next elections, as we are the only party with the farmers' welfare at heart," says Subbaraidu, a TDP leader.

Another TDP member who spoke to media persons at Vijayawada said, "There have been accusations that Naidu focused on IT during his time as the CM, but what the accusers fail to notice is that the farmers also benefitted with the development of IT. The sons of farmers work as IT professionals today."

Jai Telugudesam - Jai Chandrababu.