• The Guntur Government General Hospital (GGH) has created a record of sorts to become the first hospital in the government sector to perform heart transplantation in the Telugu States. A Team of doctors led by A.G.K. Gokhale transplanted the heart of Immabathuni Yedukondalu, a lorry driver, to Uppu Yedukondalu, a car driver.

    Highlights of transplant:

    · It is the first heart transplantation performed in A.P. after bifurcation

    · It is the first time that a heart harvested here has been transplanted in a local hospital

    · A day after the donor was declared brain dead at NRI General Hospital, his organs were harvested and transplanted to four recipients

    · The heart was given to Uppu Yedukondalu at the Government GGH in Guntur, the liver to a patient at Manipal Hospital, Tadepalli, the kidney to a patient in Arun Kidney Centre, Vijayawada, and the eyes to Vasan Eye Care, Vijayawada

    Source: http://www.thehindu.com/…/guntur-ggh-per…/article8627727.ece

  • CBN recently launched loan redemption scheme for horticultural farmers in Kadapa which will benefit 2.23 lakh farmers in the state. In a bid to offer financial help to burdened horticultural farmers, CBN took the decision to include them in the list of beneficiaries along with the regular farmers. The scheme will cost Rs. 384.47 crores to the state exchequer. 91% of beneficiaries are small farmers who hold land less than 5 acres. The list of beneficiaries comprises of 23000 SCs and STs. Horticultural farmers expressed immense joy and thanked CBN for timely intervention.

  • Renewable energy is the path to a bright and sustainable future, and Andhra Pradesh is at the forefront in embracing it. CBN is ahead of his peers in building the infrastructure and eco system to ensure alternative energy slowly but surely replaces traditional energy. Some of his initiatives include the upcoming solar park in Anantapur which will be the biggest in the country, and three parks coming up in Kurnool and Kadapa

    Advantages of renewable energy: 
    · Use of renewable energy is renewable, and therefore sustainable, so will never run out
    · Renewable energy facilities generally require less maintenance
    · Since the energy is derived from natural and available resources, the cost of operation is reduced
    · Renewable energy produces little or no waste products such as carbon dioxide or other chemical pollutants
    · Renewable energy projects bring economic benefits to regions where they are based

  • Without interference from middlemen, CBN’s Government has extended financial assistance to about 10,000 poor Brahmins directly through scholarships, educational benefit, coaching for competitive exams, skill development and entrepreneurship development through the Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Welfare Corporation. Special focus is being placed on student scholarships, skill development and entrepreneur development programmes. Three new schemes have been launched to encourage Brahmin students and to help poor Brahmin families meet funeral expenses in the event of death in the family. Below are the details of the newly launched schemes:

    Gayathri Scheme: 
    Under the Gayathri Scheme of Academic Excellence, meritorious Brahmin toppers of recognized and reputed Schools / Colleges / Institutions will be identified and encouraged with monetary compensation. Recognition amount indicated below will be transferred to the SB Accounts of eligible applicants

    · SSC (10th Class) - Rs. 7,500/-
    · Intermediate or equivalent Final Year (Polytechnic, ITI, etc.) - Rs. 10,000/-
    · Graduation Final Year - Rs. 15,000/-
    · Professional Education Course Final Year - Rs. 20,000/-
    · Post-Graduation Final Year - Rs. 20,000

    Vasishta Scheme:
    Under the Vasishta Scheme for Coaching for Competitive Exams, the Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Welfare Corporation (ABC) Limited will bear the coaching fee, lodging and boarding expenses for selected applicants aspiring to become Public Servants in the areas of Banking, Railways, State or Central Public Service Commissions, Staff Selection Commission, etc.

    Garuda Scheme: 
    Under the Garuda Scheme1, financial assistance of Rs. 10,000/- will be provided to poor Brahmin families to help them meet the funeral expenses of a deceased Brahmin member.

    Eligible students can log on to www.andhrabrahmin.ap.gov.in and fill their application online in the prescribed format. In case of any difficulty, please contact Toll Free Number 1800 102 3579

  • Andhra Pradesh is ahead of its peers in successfully implementing use of online Aadhaar Authentication for delivery of benefits. In a first of its kind move, CBN’s Government distributed Groundnut seeds to farmers with AADHAR enabled Iris & Finger Print system to eliminate the ghosts/duplicates by linking the UID number with the beneficiary account. Civil Supplies Minister Paritala Sunithamma launched the programme in Ananthapuram which will yet again link service delivery with UID Authentication. The initiative will enable two phased eliminations in Seeding and Disbursement (Non Availed Ration Cards), ensure right person receives the benefits – Biometric Authentication and help improve transparency levels – through centralized and real-time MIS.