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Jagan - an baby faced crook - cow faced jackal - Yanamala Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 April 2012 16:11
TDP politburo member Sri Yanamala Ramakrishnudu today reiterated the victory of the TDP n the ensuing by poll and said that Jagan had jumped out of a sinking ship of congress but his corrupt deeds would not hold him high above water.
In a press release today Sri Ramakrishnudu said that Jagan continue his Odarpu yatra pretending to be innocent victim of congress politics but should not forget that the people were still watching him and his antics.

TDP leader said that CM Kiran had been on record that he had studied the case of Paritala Ravi murder and had successfully saved the then CM 'YSR son - Jagan from the legal gauntlet.' How can Jagan claim to be an innocent when he had raised Rs.1200 crore to run a defunct Sandoor power project. With an investment of just  Rs.45 crore Jagan had raised Rs.6000 crore for his Bharati cement project also.

'Is it not a record of sorts that Jagan had floated 67companie s and diverted quid pro quo money of lakhs of crores into them' How can a person who had built palaces on acres of land and lakhs of sq built up area claim to be innocent' he questioned.

He said it was a sad state of affairs that the IAS officials queried by the supreme court have now questioned the government about its sand on the controversial 26 GOs.' How can the criminal investigation and GO implementation run parallel in the state " they questioned the chief secretary.

Sri Ramakrishnudu said the YS ministers were also at fault as to have not taken YSR to task for his misdeeds in administration and not having exposed them.

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